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2010 Julie Payette-NSERC Research Scholarship Winners

Twenty-four Canadian graduate students have been awarded the 2010 Julie Payette-NSERC Research Scholarships.

These scholarships are offered to the best PGS M candidates reviewed by the ten discipline-based Scholarships and Fellowships selection committees.

Canadian astronaut and former NSERC Council member Julie Payette, who was invited to lend her name to this program, embodies the leadership qualities and excellence that NSERC is seeking to encourage and support. Winners are chosen for their outstanding academic excellence, research ability and potential, and leadership and communication skills.

These scholarships are valued at $25,000 per year for one year. The winners are listed below.

Name Research Subject Current/Most Recent University
Azad, Marisa Biochemistry Thompson Rivers University
Basseri, Hamed Biophysics Ryerson University
Bédard, Emilie Environmental Engineering Not Indicated
Bortolotti, Lauren Aquatic Ecology and Limnology University of Saskatchewan
Churchill, Cassandra Physical Chemistry University of Lethbridge
Deshwar, Amit Software and Development University of Calgary
Dorval Courchesne, Noémie-Manuelle Chemical Engineering University of Ottawa
Foster, Stephen Physics Dalhousie University
Gaultois, Michael Inorganic Chemistry University of Saskatchewan
Harpur, Brock Evolution and Ecology University of Northern British Columbia
Jeffery, Andrew Animal Physiology and Metabolism University of Waterloo
Kenny, Sophie Cognitive Science Université de Moncton
Kertesz, Audrey Electromagnetics, Compatibility and Interference University of Calgary
Koshy, Sandeep Biomedical Engineering University of Waterloo
Laracy, Megan Earth Science Memorial University of Newfoundland
Lin, Yen-Yu (Cedric) Physics University of British Columbia
Liss, Katie Atmospheric Science University of British Columbia
Pawliuk, Peter Electromagnetics, Compatibility and Interference University of British Columbia
Peng, Jimmy Molecular Biology Queen's University
Sickand, Manisha Neurophysiology McMaster University
Tonkin, Michelle Biochemistry University of Victoria
Tward, Daniel Biomedical Engineering John Hopkins University
Weigum, Natalie Atmospheric Science University of New Brunswick
Zhao, Yufei Pure Mathematics Massachusetts Institute of Technology