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Form 201 - Scholarships and Fellowships Programs
Application for a Postgraduate Scholarship-Doctoral or for a Postdoctoral Fellowship


In the Contributions/Statements page of your application, provide the requested information according to the guidelines and format standards outlined in the NSERC On-line Presentation and Attachment Standards.

Given the page limits, be selective and summarize information where appropriate. You must provide information in the three sections listed below. The maximum number of pages that you are permitted to use in total, for all three sections, is:

  • PGS D - two pages;
  • PDF - four pages.

Provide the required information using the specified headings below in the order indicated.

Part I
Contributions to research and development

Begin with your most recent contributions and list each entry on a new line. Do not include any articles that are currently in preparation or those on which you do not appear as an author. Use the following headings in the order indicated:

  1. Articles published or accepted in refereed journals;
  2. Articles submitted to refereed journals (provide submission number);
  3. Other refereed contributions (e.g., communications, papers in refereed conference proceedings, posters). Do not repeatedly list the same proceeding from multiple conferences, proceedings for future conferences, or your thesis here;
  4. Non-refereed contributions (e.g., specialized publications, technical reports, conference presentations, posters);
  5. Technology transfer;
  6. Contributions resulting from your participation in industrially relevant R&D activities;
  7. Patents and copyrights awarded (e.g., software, but excluding publications);
  8. Patents and copyrights submitted.

Use the following format:

  • Full authorship as it appears/will appear in the original publication (with the applicant's name in bold);
  • Year;
  • Title;
  • Publication name and volume;
  • First and last page numbers.


I. Contributions to research and development
a. Articles published or accepted in refereed journals

Li, H., Applicant, X.X., and Kay, M. (1994) Protein-structure interactions in cell membranes. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 269: 1120-1124 (PhD work).


  • Publications submitted, accepted or in press: Indicate the date of submission/acceptance and the number of pages submitted.
  • Patents: Include the title and names of joint inventors.
  • Posters: Indicate the presenting author with an asterisk (*). Example: Applicant, X.X.*.
  • Conferences: Indicate whether institutional, regional, provincial, national or international. Make a distinction between oral and poster presentations.
  • In all cases, indicate whether the publication resulted from work done in the process of completing your undergraduate, master’s or doctoral degree, or from other relevant work experience.
  • Many contributions to industry or other end-users take the form of technical or internal reports that are confidential to protect proprietary information, or are subject to patent or copyright protection. If your record includes contributions of this kind, a letter from a university or company researcher involved with technology transfer should accompany your application, and this letter should attest to the nature and significance of the contribution in as specific terms as possible. If you are applying directly to NSERC, you can send the letter separately from your application to If you are applying through a Canadian university, you can send the letter to your School of Graduate Studies.
  • Updates to your publication record will not be accepted after the application has been submitted.

Part II
Most significant contributions to research and development

From the contributions listed in Part I, choose up to three that you judge to be your most significant contributions to research and development. Comment on the importance of these contributions to the research area.

For each contribution:

  • describe your role in the research. Clarify your contribution to collaborative research and to the actual writing of joint publications;
  • discuss the reasons for publishing in certain journals (e.g., target audiences, review procedures);
  • provide details, as appropriate, on the significance of technical reports and original research reported in books or technical reports;
  • indicate any collaboration with other researchers;
  • discuss the relevance of your work to engineering practice or industrial processes if appropriate.

Part III
Applicant's statement

In this section, group your comments under the following headings:

  1. Research experience

    Describe the scientific or engineering abilities that you have gained through your past research experience, including special projects, honours thesis and co-op reports. If you have relevant work experience, discuss the relevance of that experience to your proposed field of study/research and any benefits you gained from it. Do not repeat any information you provided in Part II.

  2. Relevant activities

    Describe your professional and extracurricular activities that most demonstrate your communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

    Examples of these include:
    • oral presentations;
    • mentoring;
    • teaching;
    • project management;
    • chairing committees;
    • organizing conferences or meetings;
    • supervisory experience;
    • elected positions held and volunteer work.

  3. Special circumstances

    In this section, describe any special considerations that have had an effect on your performance or productivity. Include any considerations that may have resulted in delays in disseminating your research results, such as health problems, family responsibilities, disabilities or other circumstances (e.g., the time necessary to complete a monograph, file a patent, or commercialize an industrial process or product). Explain any gaps in the chronology of your experience. The selection committee will take these circumstances into consideration when evaluating your application. If your supervisor is unable to provide you with a Report on the Applicant, you may use this section to provide an explanation.

For uploading purposes, all the documents in this section must be saved into a single PDF file.


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