Science Communication Skills grant (pilot)


Organizations training students, fellows and faculty in science communication skills

How much?

Up to $20,000

How long?

1 year

Notice: The Science Communications Skills program two-year pilot has officially ended. NSERC is not currently accepting applications while the program is being evaluated.


The Science Communication Skills grant (pilot) supports organizations providing science communication skills training to students, fellows, and faculty in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) from Canadian postsecondary institutions. Promoting science and understanding how scientific inquiry works are critical to a vibrant science culture in Canada. Improved science communication increases science literacy, the appreciation of science in Canadian society, and the role of science in evidence-based decision making, while countering science-related misinformation.

Training supported by the pilot grant will educate students and researchers in STEM on how to effectively communicate science to the public.

NSERC encourages organizations to consider the needs of official-language minority communities in their area while developing activities, and to strive to have official documentation and promotional materials available in both official languages.

Eligible activities include

  • training workshops in science communication skills
  • mentorship activities
  • conferences, symposia or webinars
  • development of resources in tandem with delivery

Funds may be used for new activities or for improvements to content or delivery of existing activities. Training linked to course-work requirements (i.e., degree or diploma programs) is not eligible.

Who can apply?

If you are a Canadian

  • registered non-profit organization
  • postsecondary institution
  • non-federal museum or science centre

you can apply for the pilot grant. You should have experience in science communication skills training.

Your application must involve delivering such training to a relevant audience — students, fellows, and/or faculty in STEM from Canadian postsecondary institutions. The training in communication skills should be broad rather than restricted to a single advocacy issue.

What's next?
Funding information
Apply now


Application deadline
Before 8 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on May 15, 2021

If the deadline falls on a weekend or federal holiday, your application must reach NSERC before 8:00 p.m. ET the following working day. Late applications will not be accepted.

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