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How Do I Enter?

  • You can apply as an individual or as a group
  • You must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada or foreign student living in Canada and enrolled at a Canadian institution
  • Submit only one image to the contest
  • Your image must be directly related to your research
  • Provide a written description of your image
  • Submit online by January 30, 2023

Quick Tips

Images must be submitted with a three-part description:

Write a catchy title

  • Make it memorable
  • Describe your image
  • Use 60 characters or less


"Rebuilding damaged bones"

Explain your research

  • Describe what is seen on the image
  • Explain the research carried out and give concrete applications for it
  • Write for the general public: curious but not expert in your field of study
  • Be succinct: you have 900 characters maximum


"This new wildlife tracking network uses flashes to observe previously invisible migrations of bats. Researchers study bats by combining nano-tags with more than 40,000 square kilometres of antennae coverage, to reveal the migratory behaviour of eastern red bats. The network records signals from tagged bats as they move past antennae in their migration. Specific details of over 100 bats from three species were documented, including flight speeds, route maps and responses to geographical barriers. The network has also revealed new details of bird migration, and may reveal details of other migrants such as monarch butterflies."

Explain your technique

  • What did you use to create the image?
  • Did you change the image in any way?
  • Clearly define any technical terms


"We used confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) to capture their fluorescent signals, and the image was then colourized."

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