Bin Wu

Bin Wu

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northern Alberta Inst. of Technology

Chair title

NSERC/Rockwell Automation Industrial Research Chair in Power Electronics and Electric Drives

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Senior Chairholder since 2006


High-power converters of megawatt capacity are one of the key technologies in industrial automation and renewable energy generation. These converters are increasingly used in variable-speed electric drives for energy savings, increased productivity, and improved product quality. They can also be used in renewable energy systems, which generate electric energy from renewable sources with little negative impact on our environment. There are many technical challenges in developing such power converter systems due to the high power rating (1MW to 50MW) and complex control issues.

The NSERC Senior Industrial Research Chair in Power Electronics and Electric Drives was established in 2006 through a partnership with Rockwell Automation Canada. The main objective of the Chair program is:

  • to develop next-generation power converter and drive control technologies to meet growing industrial needs;
  • to develop innovative renewable energy systems that can meet stringent electric grid codes with maximum energy conversion efficiency; and
  • to train highly qualified personnel for the Canadian industry.

During the first term of the IRC program (2006 to 2011), significant research has been accomplished. A number of innovative technologies in power electronics, electric drives and renewable energy systems have been developed, patented and transferred to Canadian industry, and a large number of research publications have been disseminated. The successful research collaboration with Rockwell Automation Canada has helped the company grow its drive business by four times over the last six years, which has made the company one of the major high-power drive manufacturers in the world. The second-term IRC program builds on the success of the first-term IRC program and will propel the academic research, industrial collaboration and technology innovation to the next level. The IRC program focuses on research and development of innovative technologies for new industrial applications. A number of high-priority research projects will be conducted, including development of novel 15kV-class electrical drives, application of current source converter (CSC) technology in the marine industry, and development of CSC technology for large grid-tied wind energy systems.

The IRC program will help Canadian industry increase its competitiveness in the global marketplace through research, innovation, technology transfer and new product development. With the development of above-mentioned technologies, the industrial partner is expected to experience further major growth in the drive, marine and wind energy markets. The industrial partner benefits from both the technology and talent coming out of Ryerson University, while Canada benefits from increased export and job creation, which stimulates Canada's economic growth.


  • Rockwell Automation Canada Inc.

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northern Alberta Inst. of Technology



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