Réal Vallée

Réal Vallée

Department of Physics, Physical Engineering and Optics
Université Laval

Chair title

NSERC/Light Matter Interaction/Laserax/CorActive/TeraXion/TLCL Industrial Research Chair in Femtosecond Photo-Inscribed Photonic Components and Devices

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Senior Chairholder since 2014


The Industrial Research Chair in Femtosecond Photo-Inscribed Photonic Components and Devices’ main objective for phase II will focus on the generation and transmission of photons in the mid-infrared spectral field. The Chair will build on major developments made possible by new high-performance femtosecond laser sources that have paved the way for significant progress in the development of photo-inscribed photonic components (such as Bragg gratings and 3D directional glass couplers). Photonic components such as Bragg gratings are essential to the development of devices such as monolithic fibre lasers, which have become–much like diode lasers–more practical and efficient coherent light sources. High-intensity pulses have given rise to a new category of laser-matter interactions that have spurred the development of a full range of industrial processes, like the cutting, cleaving or welding of materials or a combination of materials including dielectrics (glass or crystals), semiconductors and metals.

The Chair’s program is built around two main themes: mid-infrared fibre sources and their applications; and advanced laser processes and their applications. The Chair’s research activities should lead to convincing results, ranging from fundamental knowledge on infrared fibre lasers or laser-matter interactions, to more applied technologies and expertise for the ablation of biological tissues and the detection of greenhouse gases.

The Chair’s partners will benefit from the results in a variety of ways. For example, Light Matter Interaction will be able to target new markets in the biomedical industry thanks to rugged and compact optical fibre-based sources that are 2.94 microns, that operate in kHz frequency and whose output power will be close to the mJ threshold. Similarly, Laserax and TLCL will be able to develop new laser processes to tackle the various challenges in glass and polymer processing through the development of femtosecond mid-infrared fibre lasers. Finally, TeraXion and CorActive will benefit from the development of various mid-infrared components (e.g., Bragg gratings and high-performance mid-infrared transmitting components) for light processing and transmission, which will open the door for them to new markets in the field of optical sensors, spectroscopy, defense and security.


  • Light Matter Interaction
  • LaserAX
  • CorActive High Tech
  • TeraXion
  • TLCL

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Department of Physics, Physical Engineering and Optics
Université Laval



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