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Abedi, Jalal
University of Calgary
Heavy oil recovery, phase behavior, solvent solubility in bitumen, viscosity and density determination, transport mechanisms, equation of state (EOS), custom-made PVT cells, solvent enhanced SAGD, transport in porous media, mathematical modeling and numerical simulation
Babadagli, Tayfun
University of Alberta
in-situ recovery of heavy oil, oil sands, carbonate bitumen, steam and solvent injection, carbon dioxide for heavy oil recovery and storage, microfluidics-pore scale models, 3–D visualization of processes, nano and ferromagnetic materials, non-classical transport properties, oil recovery efficiency improvement
Barbour, Lee S.
University of Saskatchewan
oil sands, mining, groundwater, reclamation, hydrogeology, recharge, isotope, tracer, monitoring, modelling
Briens, Cedric L.
Western University
Fluid Coking, oil sands, upgrading, liquid-solid contact, jet attrition, agglomerate stability, spray nozzles, fluidized bed, fluidization
Chen, Zhangxing (John)
University of Calgary
Petroleum engineering, enhanced oil recovery, reservoir modeling and simulation, processes modeling, numerical solvers and algorithms, field optimization, history matching, risk analysis, parallel computing, and numerical analysis.
Ciborowski, Jan
University of Calgary
bioassessment, biodiversity, community, disturbance, ecosystem, multivariate, productivity, reclamation, succession, wetland
Costa Sousa, Mario
University of Calgary
scientific visualization, engineering visualization, reservoir geoscience and engineering, oil and gas exploration and production, interactive display surfaces for collaborative exploratory visualization, interactive reservoir modeling and visualization from uncertainty, interpretive visualization of fused reservoir geoscience and engineering data, interactive and intuitive post-processing of reservoir simulation results, exploratory visual analysis of multiple reservoir simulation runs, interactive computational steering in high-end reservoir flow simulators
Gamal El-Din, Mohamed
University of Alberta
oil sands industry, oil sands process-affected water, water treatment strategies, process fundamentals, water treatment processes, advanced/conventional treatment, development of materials/processes, scaling-up of treatment processes, field pilots, safe release
Huang, Biao
University of Alberta
Chemical engineering, process control, oil sands, data mining, estimation, monitoring, optimization, filtering, process identification, soft sensors
Kaminsky, Heather
Northern Alberta Inst. of Technology
fluid fine tailings, oil sands, clays, flocculation, coagulation, solid liquid separation, technology screening, tailings chemistry, geotechnical stability, methylene blue index
Karst, Justine
University of Alberta
boreal forest, reclamation, restoration ecology, roots, soils, mycorrhizas, microbes, lean oil sand, petroleum hydrocarbons, ecosystem function
Kuznicki, Steven
University of Alberta
molecular sieves, zeolites, air separation, nanomaterials, adsorption, ion exchange, water purification, separations, natural gas purification, oil sands upgrading
Landhäusser, Simon
University of Alberta
Forest Ecology, disturbance ecology, mining, reclamation, silviculture, forest succession, forest regeneration, silvics, seedling production, growth and productivity, leaf area development, root systems, carbon allocation, tree physiology
Lindsay, Matthew
University of Saskatchewan
oil sands, mining, tailings, petroleum coke, groundwater, geochemistry, closure, reclamation
Mahinpey, Nader
University of Calgary
CO2 capture technologies, oil sands operations, Chemical looping, Low-temperature solid sorbents, Oxygen carriers, Kinetics and reaction, Process modelling, Material fabrications, Alkali carbonates, Amino acids
Martez, Vita
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Steam generation, Clean Technologies, Alternative Energy, Water Innovation, GHGs reduction, Clean Energy, Grid power, Cogeneration, Electricity, Energy Storage Batteries.
Sanders, Sean
University of Alberta
Multiphase flows, oil sand extraction, in-situ bitumen production, pipeline conditioning, tailings, water-assisted heavy oil transport.
Shaw, John M.
University of Alberta
oil, sands, bitumen, production, transport, refining, process, physical, properties, measurement, model
Voordouw, Gerrit
University of Calgary
Petroleum Microbiology, Sulfur Cycle Management, Microbial Corrosion, Microbially Enhanced oil Recovery, Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria, Nitrate-Reducing Bacteria, oil sands, Conversion of oil into Methane, Production of Biosurfactants, Reduction of Bitumen Viscosity
Wilson, Ward G.
University of Alberta
fluid fine tailings, mature fine tailings, deposition, dewatering, consolidation, shear strength, closure, aqueous covers, soft capping, dry stacked tailings
Wood, David
University of Calgary
renewable energy, distributed generation, wind power, wind turbines inverters and control systems, wind resource assessment, resource forecasting, photovoltaic panels, wind loads, solar thermal system performance
Xu, Zhenghe
University of Alberta
oil sands, bitumen recovery, tailings processing, interfacial science, water chemistry and management, colloidal forces, emulsions, molecular dynamics, flotation, flocculation
Yarranton, Harvey
University of Calgary
heavy oil, phase behaviour, physical properties, measurements, characterization, equation-of-state modeling, correlations
Page 1 / 1 (23 results)