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NSERC Prizes 2017: Guy Dumont

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of British Columbia and Lionsgate Technologies


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NSERC Prizes 2017: Guy Dumont


NSERC Communications



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February 7, 2017


Guy Dumont and Lionsgate Technologies partnered to develop the Kenek O2, a small, easy-to-use diagnostic tool that connects to the audio port on your mobile device. The Kenek O2 has already been approved by Health Canada, and now Dumont and Lionsgate Technologies are bringing their mobile health innovation to the world. They are establishing partnerships in Africa, China and India, as the Kenek O2 will be particularly useful in remote and developing regions where access to hospitals is limited. Dr. Dumont won one of NSERC's Synergy Awards for Innovation in 2017.

Guy Dumont

We decided to focus our work on developing low-cost medical devices for low-income countries.

Vincent Lum

And one of the biggest challenges of using medical devices, particularly in areas that are under-resourced, is the availability of a low-cost technology. So this opportunity that we saw was because Dr. Dumont had developed a technology that worked on the power of a smart phone. He’s developed a device that is sub-$20, that would normally be $100 to $200.

Guy Dumont

A very basic Kenek O2 consists of a smart phone, oximetry probe, which is hooked to the phone through the audio jack. Once the signals are being sent to the phone, then there’s software and signal processing that is interpreting those signals in terms of oxygen saturation and heart rate. We also are taking this further to look at other parameters — physiological parameters — such as blood pressure, temperature.

Vincent Lum

Essentially what we’re doing is making the smart phone into the medical device. And that was very unique.

Guy Dumont

There is a tremendous difference between academic research and the development of a product, and especially a product in this sphere of mobile health, which is still a fairly new field.

Vincent Lum

To work with a university like the University of British Columbia and Dr. Dumont, the ability to work with a mindset that can really innovate, is really exciting to us, and we continue to want to do that.