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NSERC Presents 2 Minutes with Viet Hung Vu
Mechanical Engineering, École de technologie supérieure


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2 Minutes with Viet Hung Vu


NSERC Communications



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May 7, 2012


One of the challenges for Canadian companies operating machinery in extreme conditions is that it's hard to know when potential problems could be developing.

Viet Hung Vu, of the École de technologie supérieure, developed MODALAR-STAR, a program that allows for identifying and monitoring vibrational properties in large industrial machinery and structures during operation. 

2 Minutes with Viet Hung Vu

Viet Hung Vu

My research is focusing on the - on the development of the technique to do the identification and monitoring of the vibration parameter of the structures during the normal working condition. That's mean we don't need to stop or to shut down the machine or the structure. To give you an example, like the bridge, under the normal traffic, we can measure the vibration of the structures, and using my program, to find and to check the change of the parameters. It works its way through the time and that can help us to diagnose any damage or prevent any maintenance or reparation necessary.

We have already a contract with Hydro-Québec. When I had developed the software. So at Hydro-Québec, they have very big projects on the - increasing the power of the existing hydro-electric generators after being refurbished. So the conventional technique used on analysing of the vibration cannot be used because of the dimension of the machine is very big. So my technique and my research have been applies at their project, and this year we have various result that they're can help the researchers at Hydro-Québec to increase and to estimate the appropriate  power of the generators up to 25 to 40 percent. So it's very significant.

I am a newcomer to Canada. I came to Canada as - five years ago. And I can tell you that I love the country. And I have to thank the Canada, I have to thank the people here. I think that Canada is not only the country for the destination. It's also the country for the opportunity and for the challenge. The country is very open to talent people, and I think that I have - when I came here, I decided to stay here. And I think myself that I have a lot of thing to do. I have a lot of opportunities. And this is the land I can realize my dreams. Thank you.

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