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NSERC Prizes 2019: Luc Landry

Cégep de La Pocatière
In partnership with Umano Medical and Solutions Novika


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NSERC Prizes 2019: Luc Landry


NSERC Communications



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May 6, 2019


In healthcare environments, nearly every activity revolves around the patient’s bed. Despite their central importance, hospital beds often fail to address the needs of both patients and healthcare workers. Innovative engineers from the Solutions Novika centre, based at Cégep de La Pocatière, teamed up with industry partners from Umano Medical, who have market expertise, to develop the next generation of hospital beds. Their powerful Quebec-based collaboration has been fruitful with innovative materials that are easier to clean and disinfect, bed exit detection systems and high-precision scales, as well as several ergonomic improvements that facilitate the work of caregivers and reduce the chance of falls for patients. Each of these innovations was developed in collaboration with healthcare workers from Cégep de la Pocatière, who provide real-world insights about the needs of patients and caregivers. Together, this dynamic team has delivered a procession of innovations to create a versatile hospital bed that is being eagerly adopted by medical facilities around the world.

Luc Landry

A hospital bed is one of the only things that is for the patient no one but the patient who will sleep in the hospital bed throughout their convalescence in the hospital. We want to make a product that the patient will like that the caregivers will like too and that will be useful for their nursing practice. Part of my job as a researcher is to imagine how my college’s different departments can help me or help my industrial partner deliver their project

Estère Bertollo

This really helped us to improve, to integrate a balance system, a system to detect bed exits or prevent falls for patients that is the best on the market. So it was really about arriving at something innovative, a simple, easy-to-use system. We certainly have a long history of collaboration I think we will continue in the years to come to collaborate with Solutions Novika on various projects. So our goal is to expand our portfolio of products.

Luc Landry

I want people to know that it’s possible to deliver useful projects with all kinds of people with different ideas. This makes it possible to innovate in applied research and we are able to do great things together. even if each individual thing is something small, together they add up to great innovations and great products.