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NSERC is now accepting proposals for the Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering program

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September 15, 2020

NSERC is announcing a Call for Proposals to fill the Chair for Women in Science and Engineering in the British Columbia and Yukon region. The goals of this program are to increase the participation and retention of women in science and engineering and to provide role models for women active in or considering careers in these fields. Chairholders are encouraged to take into account various intersectional dimensions (e.g. age, education, sexual orientation, Indigenous status, disability, language, race, ethnicity, culture, etc.) when developing their program of activities.

NSERC will contribute an initial $40,000 per year, and also match cash and in-kind contributions from the host university and partners up to a maximum of $70,000 per year. NSERC views the  choice of partners as an important aspect in the success of the Chair. Senior university administrators are encouraged to consult with their networks of community supporters to identify partners.

Nominations are welcome from any eligible university located in British Columbia or Yukon, or jointly from two or more universities located within the region. Chair candidates must either hold a current NSERC Discovery Grant or be awarded one prior to taking up the chair. NSERC must receive applications by March 30, 2021.

For complete information please consult the Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering program webpage.

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