NSERC-French Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) call for proposals on quantum technologies

Funding your research project

For the call, NSERC will provide up to CAN$4.5M in funding over three years, with a maximum of CAN$300,000 per project for a three-year project to support the research of eligible Canadian applicants. ANR will provide up to €3M in funding over three years, with a maximum of €200,000 per project for a three-year project to support the research of eligible French applicants. Canadian applicants are only eligible to receive funding from NSERC, and French applicants are only eligible for funding from ANR. The respective national funding body will provide funding to each principal investigator (Canada)/scientific coordinator (France), subject to national rules and budgetary availability. The estimated number of awards is 15. The estimated number of awards and anticipated funding level are subject to the availability of funds.

All Canadian expenditures are subject to the principles and directives governing the appropriate use of grant funds outlined in the Tri-agency Guide on Financial Administration. You must only include NSERC-eligible direct costs of research in the budget submitted to NSERC. The funds from NSERC must be paid to eligible Canadian universities and cannot be used to buy equipment, products or services from, or on behalf of, any collaborating organization. Costs incurred by your French academic collaborator(s) must meet the ANR's eligibility requirements.

In the Budget justification section of your proposal (form 101), you must also include information on the support requested by your French collaborator(s) from ANR, with a breakdown of each category and a detailed justification for spending in each category. Provide sufficient information to allow reviewers to assess whether the resources requested are appropriate. The collaboration should ensure an adequate balance and significance for both research teams, with no more than 75% of the project budget contributed by either NSERC or ANR.

Eligible Canadian expenses

You can only include NSERC-eligible direct costs of research in your project budget, such as:

  • Salary support for research trainees (undergraduates, graduates and postdoctoral fellows) to perform research and related training;
  • Salary support for technicians and research professional personnel;
  • Materials and supplies;
  • Activities that support collaborations and knowledge mobilization related to the project;
  • Activities to develop and grow the research collaborations with the French collaborator(s).

Refer to the guidelines on the use of grant funds in the Tri-agency Guide on Financial Administration.

You can also include the costs of equipment, provided that the equipment is:

  • essential to achieving the objectives of the research project;
  • incremental to the equipment already available at the university or to your French collaborator(s).
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How to apply
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NSERC Contact

ANR Contact
aapg.adfi@anr.fr: questions about the administrative and financial arrangements

aapg.science@anr.fr: questions about the scientific aspects of the project proposal

aapg.si@anr.fr: difficulties encountered when entering data or during document submission to ANR

Application deadline
March 28, 2024

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