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NSERC announces inaugural Chairs for Inclusion in Science and Engineering

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September 12, 2023

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is pleased to announce the inaugural team of chairholders for the Atlantic region as part of its Chairs for Inclusion in Science and Engineering (CISE) pilot program. This initiative builds on the successful Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering (CWSE) program, continuing to promote the participation and retention of women in science and engineering while expanding to further address issues faced by a broader range of underrepresented groups.

The new chairholders are Dr. Svetlana Barkanova, a physicist at Memorial University of Newfoundland; Dr. Kevin Hewitt, a physicist at Dalhousie University; and Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie, an organic chemist at Cape Breton University. The three chairholders will work as a team to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in the natural sciences and engineering ecosystem across the Atlantic region.

The team will receive $305,000 per year for two years which includes funding to support postdoctoral researchers to help the chairholders maintain their research activities during their tenure as CISE Chairs. Additional support for the Chairs will be provided through contributions from the host universities and the Chairs’ external partners.

NSERC wishes to acknowledge the excellent work of the selection committee members who contributed their time and expertise.

NSERC would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal, the outgoing Atlantic region CWSE chairholder, for her dedication and contributions in this role.

Congratulations to all incoming and outgoing chairholders!

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