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Recipients of the 2014 Strategic Project Grant Competition

Recipients of the 2014 Strategic Project Grant Competition
Institution Name
Term Award
Carleton University Jacques Albert 
All-Fiber Frequency doubled light sources from engineered glass layers
3 $462,360
  Banu Örmeci
ANR - Next generation sludge treatment: optimization of treatment performance through online monitoring of holistic sludge properties
3 $277,000
École Polytechnique de Montréal Mohamad Sawan
An Integrated Smart Power Harvesting Scheme from High Throughput Data Lines
3 $577,244
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Jose Azana
ANR/ Custom laser pulse-trains and Frequency combs using Space-Time duality (FROST)  
3 $469,000
  Tsuneyuki Ozaki
Terahertz Chemical Microscope for intelligent sensing and chemical analysis
3 $576,100
  Daniel Guay
Surface tailored electrodes for efficient and stable conversion of CO2 to formate/formic acid value-added product
3 $477,434
McGill University Jake Barralet
Nanoparticles to superparticles: new materials for clean energy
3 $501,414
  George Demopoulos
Solution-thermal processing of nanostructured kesterite absorber materials for sustainable solar cell manufacturing
3 $487,200
  Tomislav T. Friscic
Readily scalable and efficient iron-based PEM fuel cell electrocatalysts from low cost metal organic framework precursors
3 $560,248
  Amine Kamen
Advanced manufacturing technology of virus like particles for vaccination
3 $534,900
  Xinyu XY Liu
Paper-based microfluidic devices intergrating inGaN/GaN semiconductor microtubes for ultrasensitive detection of disease markers
3 $394,300
  Janine Mauzerol
Evaluating the use of N-heterocyclic carbenes in corrosion resistant coatings for aluminum and magnesium alloys
3 $458,553
  Zetian Mi
Photoelectrochemical water splitting on metal-nitride nanowire arrays: breaking the efficiency bottleneck of solar-to-hydrogen conversion
3 $472,500
  Zetian Mi
Tunable, full color tunnel junction nanowire light emitting diodes for smart lighting and display applications
3 $388,500
  Yixin Shao
Turning municipal solid waste incineration into eco-bricks production
3 $450,181
  Maryam Tabrizian
Integrated on-chip microfluidic system with surface plasmon resonance biosensor for time-effective detection of legionella pneumophila in contaminated water
3 $426,000
McMaster University Alex Adronov
Selective dispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes with conjugated polymers
3 $364,362
  Kenneth Coley
High Manganese Steel Production Fundamentals
3 $565,903
  Todd Hoare
Design and Fabrication of Nanostructured "Smart" Hydrogels from Biopolymer Nanoparticle Building Blocks
3 $270,500
Memorial University of Newfoundland Ian Fleming
Evolutionary and ecological impact of the escape of farmed salmon: policy and mitigation strategies
3 $602,665
Queen's University Catherine Crudden
Supported catalysts for sustainable water oxidation: completing the cycle for generation of hydrogen from water
3 $216,500
  James Fraser
On-the-fly control of laser additive manufacturing
3 $408,914
Simon Fraser University William Davidson
Integration of genomic resources into an Arctic charr broodstock program
3 $499,970
  Allison Kermode
Conservation of forest resources through improved seed quality and seedling stress resilience in conifers
3 $552,500
  Carlo Menon
Smart materials technology for handling delicate objects
Trent University Dennis Murray
Establishing environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring for causal analysis of amphibian occupancy and aquatic ecosystem risk assessment
3 $596,876
York University Sergey Krylov
FLOWSTREAM: a technology that integrates continuous-flow micropurification with continuous-flow microsynthesis to streamline small-scale chemical manufacturing (SSCM)
3 $717,645
University of Alberta Greg Goss
Assessing the ecological risk of emerging nanomaterials- developing a generalized understanding based upon their physicochemical properties
3 $492,000
  Witold Pedrycz
A Granular Computing Methodology to Improve Record Quality for Master Data Management
3 $448,450
The University of British Columbia Colin Brauner
Optimal rearing conditions for salmon growth in recirculating aquaculture systems
3 $605,252
  Madjid Mohseni
JST - Innovative UV technologies for the removal of emerging contaminants and sustainable water supplies in
small communities
3 $494,500
  John Richardson
Cumulative effects in a riverscape across scales: thresholds of disturbance in ecosystem integrity
3 $581,680
  Vincent Wong
Technologies for 5G Wireless Systems: Software-defined Networks, massive MIMO, and full Duplexing
3 $533,500
University of Calgary Ayman Habib
NSC/ Architecture design and software development for UAV-based multi-sensor mapping system
3 $406,500
  Kunal Karan
Paradigm-shifting catalyst layer design for high performance and low cost polymer electrolyte fuel cells
3 $404,925
  Bernhard Mayer
ANR - Environmental baseline conditions for impact assessment of unconventional gas exploitation: advancing geochemical tracer and monitoring techniques
3 $513,884
  Peter Tieleman
Development of the next generation of lipid nanoparticles for gene therapy
3 $411,437
  Mathilakath Vijayan
Municipal waste water effluent impact on native fish: mechanisms of action and BIOMIC signatures
3 $571,656
  Richard Wan
Fracturing of shales via in-situ pore fluid pressurization by electromagnetic heating
3 $373,181
University of Ottawa Jules Blais
Developing new tools for assessing legacy pollutants and their ecological consequences in lakes near NWT mines
3 $569,900
  Jack Cornett
New technologies for radionuclide measurement
3 $756,100
  Vance Trudeau
Fate and developmental effects of oil sands-derived polyaromatic hydrocarbons and naphthenic acids in amphipods and amphibians
3 $608,895
University of Guelph John Cherry
Environmental impacts of shale gas development: a shallow aquifer controlled methane release experiment
3 $559,728
Université Laval Louis Bernatchez
Outils de gestion pour une exploitation durable du homard dans tout l'est du Canada
3 $595,355
  Dominic Larivière
Functionalized mesoporous materials for lanthnides (rare earths) extraction from industrial and mining wastes
3 $522,800
University of Manitoba Martin Scanlon
Control and optimization of sheeting (rolling) manufacturing through on-line ultrasonic monitoring and evaluation 
3 $542,851
  Lotfollah Shafai
High Performance Super-Miniaturized Antennas Using Low Loss Engineering Conductors
3 $501,058
University of New Brunswick Ying Zheng
Integrated plasma catalytic processes for hydrogen-free upgrading of biomass-derived biofuels to hydrocarbon fuels
3 $306,200
University of Prince Edward Island Michael van den Heuvel
Towards a regional monitoring framework for cumulative impacts assessment in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence: monitoring fate and effects of agrichemicals
3 $616,656
University of Regina Christopher Yost
Measuring and mitigating the release of mobile antibiotic resistance genes from wastewater treatment plants in Canada
3 $584,975
Université de Sherbrooke Richard Arès
Approach to liberating solar voltaic structures from the fundamental efficiency-limiting confines of conventional lattice parameter substrates
3 $593,000
  Robert Bradley
Predicting annual allowable cut in a changing world / Prédire la possibilité forestière dans un contexte de
changements globaux
3 $401,253
University of Toronto D. Grant Allen
Developing biofilm-based microalgal bioreactors for the efficient production of fuels, chemicals and clean water
3 $472,000
  George V. Eleftheriades
Field-Discontinuity Metasurfaces for Electromagnetic Wave Manipulation
3 $495,948
  Ramin Farnood
Developing novel electro-spun nano-fibre membrane adsorption systems for water treatment
3 $447,700
  Peter Herman
Quantized structuring of transparent film and plates with ultrfast laser interference and filamentation
3 $444,621
  Charles Jia
High-performance, low-cost porous carbons from oil sands petroleum coke
3 $482,245
  Ryan Johnson
A novel system architecture for online operational analytics
3 $522,450
  Frank Kschischang
Error Control for Terabit Links: Spatially-Coupled Staircase Codes
3 $432,371
  Kiriakos Kutulakos
Computational and Optical Processing Architectures for next-Generation Mobile Cameras
3 $535,526
  Konstantinos Plataniotis
DREAMs: Enhancing DriveR IntEraction with digital Media through cognitive monitoring
3 $438,500
  Gerald Penn
Articulatory Speech Synthesis for Natural User Interfaces
3 $588,200
  Frank Wania
A passive air sampler for precise, spatially distributed atmospheric mercury monitoring and source characterization
3 $200,000
  Ya-Huei Cathy Chin
Catalytic conversion of methane from alternative feedstocks to higher value products
3 $288,425
University of Waterloo Niels Bols
Developing in vitro methods for identifying feed additives from new resources to support aquaculture in the face of climate change
3 $216,500
  Dayan Ban
Novel Terahertz Devices and Systems for Wireless Communications
3 $467,376
  Slim Boumaiza
Millimeter Wave Semiconductor Device Characterization and Modeling Framework for Holistic Design of Novel 5G Wireless RF Devices
3 $446,617
  Zhongwei Chen
Advanced multi-functional free-standing graphene film based fuel cell catalysts
3 $450,000
  Krzysztof Czarnecki
The Upgradable Car: Safely Extensible Automotive Systems and Software
3 $435,560
  Ian Goldberg
Rigorous Privacy-Enabled Interactions with Online Information
3 $590,832
  Guang Gong
Secure and efficient systems for Integrated Compression and Encryption
3 $525,810
  Amir Keyvan Khandani
Enabling Techniques for 5G Networks
3 $520,670
  Bruce MacVicar
Assessing and restoring the resilience of urban stream networks
3 $571,142
  Mark Servos
Recovery of fish populations in response to major infrastructure investments at municipal wastewater treatment plants
3 $539,395
  William Wong
Intergrated flexible nanotechnology for photonic fabrics
3 $570,370
The University of Western Ontario Hugo De Lasa
Integrated CO2 biomass gasification and chemical looping combustion for the production of biochar, CO2 for green houses and clean energy
3 $370,950
  Denis O'Carroll
Ecotoxicity and transport of nanoparticles released from commercial products
3 $510,185
  Xueliang (Andy) X Sun
Nanoscale, hybrid and multifunctional coatings on advanced cathode materials for high-performance li ion batteries used in electric vehicles
3 $483,000