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Competition Results for the Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program 2016

NSERC is pleased to announce the 2016 competition results for the Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program (DAS).

The DAS Program aims to provide substantial and timely additional resources to accelerate progress and maximize the impact of outstanding research programs. In 2016, NSERC awarded $15 million to 125 applications in the DAS competition. These supplements are valued at $120,000 over three years.

The winners are listed below:

Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program
2016 Competition Results
Researcher Research Title Institution
Aamodt, Tor Energy-Efficient Programmable Accelerators British Columbia
Allen, Susan The Role of Topography in Cross-Shelf-Break Tracer Exchange British Columbia
Antle, Alissa Design and Evaluation of a Children's Brain-Computer Application for Learning Self-Regulation Simon Fraser
Balshine, Sigal Evolution and Mechanisms of Social Behaviour McMaster
Barclay, Paul Hybrid quantum nanophotonics and optomechanics Calgary
Beh, Christopher PM-ER Membrane Contact Sites: Regulatory Interfaces for Cell Polarization and Membrane Signalling Simon Fraser
Bellenger, Jean-Philippe Enzymatic diversity of biological nitrogen fixation in a changing world Sherbrooke
Biron, Pascale River dynamics and resilience of fluvial systems in perturbed environments Concordia
Bonner, Simon Hierarchical Modelling of Complex Ecological Data Western Ontario
Borgland, Stephanie Target dependent effects of peptide signaling in the VTA Calgary
Bussière, Bruno Alternative materials for engineered covers used to control acid mine drainage Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Byun, Soo Hyun Advanced neutron and gamma-ray detection McMaster
Chan, Timothy Geometric Data Structures: A Modern Perspective Waterloo
Charpentier, Paul Self-Assembly of Light Harvesting Films Using Functional Solvents Western Ontario
Cicek, Nazim Evaluation of Microbial Population Dynamics in Anaerobic Digesters during Stable Operation, Reactor Failure and Performance Recovery Manitoba
Cisek, Paul Interdisciplinary studies of decision-making and motor planning Montréal
Conati, Cristina Adaptation and Personalization for Information Visualization British Columbia
Costello, Kevin The mathematics of the AdS/CFT correspondence Waterloo
Dancause, Numa The effect of cortical interactions on motor output by the primary motor cortex Montréal
Davis, John Quantum Optomechanics Alberta
De Ruiter, Anton Guidance, Control and Dynamics for Asteroid Exploration Ryerson
Delage, Erick Optimizing decisions in situations with unresolved ambiguity HEC Montréal
Derda, Ratmir Genetically-encoded libraries of peptide derivatives Alberta
Dickerson, Clark Mechanistic Characterization of Shoulder Function and Tissue Loading Waterloo
Diedrichsen, Jörn Uncovering the cortical architecture of motor skill Western Ontario
Donmez, Birsen Designing Feedback to Support Driver-Automation Coordination Toronto
Dworkin, Ian Integrating genomics, development and evolution to elucidate the genotype-phenotype map of Drosophila wing morphology McMaster
El-Dakhakhni, Wael Resilient Reinforced Masonry Buildings: Risk-based System-level Seismic Design Approaches McMaster
Falk, Tiago Towards next-generation context-aware affective human-machine interfaces INRS
Feeley, Marc Implementation of Dynamic Programming Languages Montréal
Fontaine, Frédéric-Georges Exploration of novel paradigms in metal-free catalysis Laval
Fudge, Douglas Biomechanics and biophysics of anti-predator defence in hagfishes Guelph
Fugelsang, Jonathan Intuitive and Analytic Contributions to High-Level Cognition Waterloo
Gambs, Sébastien Protecting location privacy in online and offline contexts Québec à Montréal
Gezerlis, Alexandros Strongly interacting nucleons Guelph
Ghoshal, Subhasis Physical and Chemical Transformations of Engineered Nanoparticles: Implications for Environmental Fate in Aquatic Environments McGill
Gillies, Elizabeth New mechanisms for controlled polymer degradation and their incorporation into functional three-dimensional materials Western Ontario
Gillis, Kathryn Quantifying the thermal structure and hydrothermal fluid fluxes in the lower oceanic crust Victoria
Gordon, Michael Taste-independent regulation of nutrient intake in Drosophila. British Columbia
Grahn, Jessica Mechanisms of rhythm perception Western Ontario
Grecov, Dana Novel high performance lubricants for industrial and biomedical applications British Columbia
Guo, Pei Jun Multi-scale modeling of coupled multiphysics processes in geomaterials: Theoretical and experimental study McMaster
Hallé, Sylvain Enriching system models and verdicts for testing and verification of software systems Québec à Chicoutimi
Hancock, Mark Game and Interaction Science: Using Principles from Games to Design Novel Interfaces that Compel and Motivate Waterloo
Hatzopoulou, Marianne Investigating the potential of mobile air quality monitoring in urban areas in the development of real-time air pollution maps and applications to reduce population exposure Toronto
Heinke, Craig Understanding the Physics of Neutron Star Interiors Alberta
Ho, Pin-Han Studies on joint source-channel coding approaches for multicast of successfully refined sources Waterloo
Holmes, Reid Improving Software Quality With Introspective Testing British Columbia
Hong, Hanping Probabilistic Modeling of Spatio-temporally Varying Natural Hazard and Risk Western Ontario
Hoult, Neil Monitoring, Understanding and Assessment of Complex Structural Behaviour Queen's
Hu, X. Joan Statistical Modelling and Inference with Complex Data Simon Fraser
Hubbard, Basil Towards a toolbox for mammalian gene editing: Removing off-target activity and protein interactions of Cas9 Alberta
Iliuta, Maria Cornelia Intensified processes for catalytic recycling of waste products Laval
Jamieson, Rob Development of phosphorus loading control strategies for urbanizing watersheds Dalhousie
Jiang, Ning Signal Processing of Electromyography with Bayesian Framework for Next Generation Motion Integration Human Machine Interface Waterloo
Jiang, Liying A Study on Dynamic Performance of Dielectric Elastomer-based Structures for Electromechanical Transducer and Waveguide Applications Western Ontario
Johnson, Marc Mechanisms and Evolution of Plant Defence Against Herbivores Toronto
Kietzig, Anne-Marie Laser-assisted fabrication and stability of superomniphobic surfaces McGill
Kim, Woo Soo Synergistic Evolution from 2D to 3D Printed Electronics with Versatile Nano-composite Material Systems Simon Fraser
King, Valerie Algorithm Design for Large Graphs and Communications Networks Victoria
Landhäusser, Simon Role of carbon reserves in tree and forest mortality Alberta
Larson, Kyle Convergence accommodation and kinematics in orogenic systems British Columbia
Le, Long Adaptive wireless access techniques for cloud-based heterogeneous cellular networks INRS
Lévesque, Martin Aerospace composites mechanical damage prediction through multi-scale modelling École Polytechnique de Montréal
Lian, Keryn Advanced Solid Flexible Energy Storage Materials and Devices Toronto
Lin, Jimmy Modeling Time, Space, and Networks for Effective and Efficient Information Retrieval Waterloo
Lundholm, Jeremy An ecological approach to green roof ecosystem functioning Saint Mary's
Lutscher, Frithjof Population and community dynamics in complex environments Ottawa
Ma, Bin Bioinformatics Algorithms and Software for Proteomics Waterloo
Macdonald, Colin Numerical Computing on Evolving Domains British Columbia
MacDougall, Andrew Plant-Environment Relationships in an Anthropogenic World Guelph
MacNeil, Lesley Coordination of metabolic and signal transduction pathways McMaster
Mahajan, Aditya Decentralized stochastic control: information structures, communication, and learning McGill
Maier, Martin Bringing the Cloud to the Edge in FiWi Enhanced Networks INRS
Malcolm, Alison Sensing Cracks in the Earth Using Multiple Scattering and Nonlinear Elasticity Memorial Univ. of Nfld
Martin, James Cold Rydberg atoms Waterloo
Mayor, Thibault Analysis of the proteostasis network and the thermostability of the proteome British Columbia
Mesbah, Ali Analyzing Tests for Correctness, Adequacy, and Effectiveness British Columbia
Monaghan, Jacqueline Mechanisms regulating plant immune homeostasis Queen's
Mori, Gregory Structured Models for Human Activity Recognition Simon Fraser
Morrissey, Christy Contaminant-induced impacts on avian migration: evaluating cue perception, fuelling and orientation Saskatchewan
Murphy, Jennifer Photo-oxidation and multiphase reactions of atmospheric reduced nitrogen Toronto
Naccache, Rafik Multifunctional Hybrid Nanomaterials Concordia
Nair, Prasanth Balagopal Computational methods for modeling and design of complex engineering systems under uncertainty Toronto
Nantel, Julie Functional role of arm motion on gait stability and balance recovery. Ottawa
Neustaedter, Carman Supporting Shared Family Experiences with Mobile Media Spaces Simon Fraser
Nitz, Mark Small Molecule Probes for Chemical Biology Toronto
Norris, Ryan Population dynamics and conservation of animals in seasonal environments Guelph
Orsat, Valérie Functional ingredients for a healthy food industry McGill
Palazzo, Alexander Dissecting the differences between mRNA translation on the ER and in the cytoplasm in human cells Toronto
Pan, Jianping Topology Control for Computer Networks Victoria
Parraga, Grace Inhaled gas and Ultra-short/zero-echo time MRI of pulmonary airways and airspaces for modelling the morphometry and biomechanical properties of pulmonary parenchyma and airways Western Ontario
Picard, Mathieu Oilless Piston Engines Sherbrooke
Piercey-Normore, Michele Evolution of lichen-forming fungi, algae, and secondary metabolites Manitoba
Pratt, Derek Free Radical Oxidation: Taking the Battle from Fossil Fuel-Derived Products to Living Matter Ottawa
Rice, Gregory Estimation and Inference in Functional Time Series Analysis Waterloo
Rival, David Measurement and Analysis of Unsteady Flows Using a Lagrangian Framework Queen's
Rossman, Benjamin Average-Case Lower Bounds in Boolean Circuit Complexity Toronto
Rowland, Owen Plant surface lipid barriers: biosynthesis, regulation and protective functions Carleton
Scarpella, Enrico Coordination of cell polarity in plant tissues Alberta
Shah, Girish Multiple roles of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 in mammalian nucleotide excision repair Laval
Smith, Stephen Real-Time Motion Planning for Complex Robotic Tasks Waterloo
Soleymani, Leyla Development of photoelectrochemical DNA biosensors based on plasmonic/photoelectrochemcial interactions McMaster
Stebila, Douglas Quantum-safe cryptography for the Internet McMaster
Stellwagen, David Glial regulation of synaptic plasticity McGill
Stoeber, Boris Characterization of non-Newtonian fluids at small length scales British Columbia
Swamy, Chaitanya Algorithm Design in Strategic and Uncertain Environments Waterloo
Tait, Kimberly Phosphate minerals: a window into terrestrial planetary formation history Toronto
Thomas, Hugh Combinatorial aspects of representation theory and geometry Québec à Montréal
Thywissen, Joseph The Emergence of Order in Ultracold Quantum Gases Toronto
Turner, Elizabeth Lower Paleozoic stratigraphic architecture of the Cornwallis District and associated areas, Canadian high Arctic Laurentian
Verma, Manish Disruption and recovery/ resilience, and safety issues in freight transportation McMaster
Voogt, James Thermal anisotropy of urban areas Western Ontario
Wachs, Anthony Multi-scale modelling of reactive particulate flows British Columbia
Wang, Wilson Quansheng Online Condition Monitoring of Electric Machines Lakehead
Wang, Feiyue Arctic marine cryospheric chemistry Manitoba
Weir, Jason The biogeographic drivers and genomic architecture of speciation in Amazonian birds Toronto
Wells, Mathew Transport and mixing of particles in stratified environmental flows. Toronto
Wolkowicz, Gail Formulation and Analysis of Nonlinear Mathematical Models with Applications to Population Dynamics McMaster
Xing, Malcolm (Mengqiu) Development of stabilized environmentally sensitive polymeric nanoparticles Manitoba
Yang, Jun Developing a 3D Co-printing Technology for Fabrication of Monolithic Microelectromechanical Systems Western Ontario
Zaremberg, Vanina Phosphatidic Acid Biosynthesis and Signalling in Eukaryotes Calgary
Zechel, David From Genes to Molecules: Mining Bacterial Genomes for New Enzyme Reactions Queen's
Zhao, Yiqiang Modelling, Performance, and Control of Queues for Wireless Networks and Other Applications Carleton