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Grant information sessions

NSERC hosts Q&A Sessions to communicate program information, application procedures and peer review details to prospective applicants. It can also hold grant information sessions at universities upon request.

NSERC staff members continue to host information sessions at scientific society meetings when the agenda of those meetings permits. When their travel schedule permits, staff members may also offer presentations on campus. Staff members may also be available to participate by teleconference in sessions organized by universities themselves.

These sessions are targeted to researchers and administrators and are especially beneficial for new faculty members. The topics covered include the following:

  • Preparation and submission of Discovery Grant and/or Research Tools and Instruments Grant applications
  • NSERC grant policies and regulations
  • Peer review process
  • Program changes

In addition, videos are available on NSERC’s website. These videos and other resources enable researchers to access information 24/7 at their convenience rather than attend a single session that may not fit into their schedules. While the new communication strategy promotes web-based content, NSERC staff continues to be available to respond to specific questions.


For more information or to request a session, please contact NSERC at

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