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About Alliance grants

Learn more about the role of partner organizations in Alliance grants by visiting the Alliance grants web page

Consult NSERC’s Policy on Intellectual Property, which outlines the expectations for all participants, before completing a partner organization form.

Who completes the partner organization form?

All organizations (except post-secondary institutions and other funders) participating in an Alliance grant application are required to complete a partner organization form and provide relevant documents. Some joint funding partners (in specific calls) may also be required to complete some sections of the partner form (for example, providing contact information and confirming cash contributions). The sections to be completed depend on the type of call, and only those sections will be displayed when the authorized contact person accesses the online form. Other funders, although they do not need to complete a partner form, may also be given access to the proposal. The applicant is responsible for entering the cash and in-kind contributions from partner organizations and inviting an authorized contact for each partner organization through the NSERC online system. The authorized contact for the partner organization will receive an email with a link to the online form. This link is the only way to access the form. The authorized contact for the partner organization is responsible for completing the form.

Note on the process: After the applicant has created, completed, and saved the Contributions page of form 101 for a partner organization, a link is automatically emailed to the partner organization representative at the email address provided by the applicant. Using the link in the email, the partner organization representative navigates the tabs in the left-hand menu to answer the required questions. The representative can preview both the application being prepared by the applicant or the partner form as it will appear when submitted to NSERC. After completing the required sections and clicking “Verify Form” in the Confirm and Submit tab to validate completeness, the representative must click on “Submit” and accept the terms and conditions. The applicant can monitor the status of the partner form in the Contributions section for form 101 (the status will change from “Invitation sent” to “Invitation accepted” to “Completed by partner”).


If you have questions about the program:

How the partner organization information is used

Alliance Advantage: Partners or Alliance Society: Partners page explains the importance of partner organizations in Alliance grants. Your collaboration with the applicant in preparing the application lays a strong foundation for your partnership. The information you provide about your organization through the partner organization form and the proposal submitted by the applicant confirms that:

  • your organization will be able to contribute to the project as planned 
  • your organization has the potential to provide economic, social and/or environmental benefits for Canada and Canadians.

NSERC will give priority to projects that best demonstrate the value that the partnership adds to the project.

Completing the partner organization form

The following will guide you through sections of the partner organization form.

Contact information

The authorized contact person for the organization should complete this information.

Organization information

Consult NSERC code tables for a list of industry/products and services codes to select codes relevant to your organization.

Sector-specific questions

Complete one of the three following sections that best describes the sector of your organization: Private, Public, Not-for-profit/other.

Partner organization profile

Using a maximum of one page:

  • describe your organization, including the nature of its operations in Canada and how it intends to grow in Canada by developing innovative new or improved products, services, processes or policies (if applicable)
  • demonstrate that your organization has existing or planned capacity to achieve the expected results of the project (human resources, facilities and financial capabilities)

A reference to the partner organization’s website is not acceptable in lieu of the profile.

Supplemental information

Partner organization supplemental information questionnaire must be completed by all organizations with fewer than five full-time employees or operating from a home address or a virtual work setting or when it has otherwise been specifically requested by NSERC.


The applicant has entered the contributions from your organization. Review and confirm the cash and in-kind contributions your organization is committing to the project. To make changes to this information, contact the applicant, who can change it in the online system.

Terms and conditions

As the authorized representative of the partner organization, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of the application on behalf of your organization before submitting the form.

Personal information

The information you provide in the application is collected under the authority of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Act.

The collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of your personal information are outlined in the following policy statements:

For more information, refer to the Personal Information Banks described in NSERC’s Info Source.

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