NSERC-SSHRC Sustainable agriculture research initiative

Supporting research to initiate or accelerate the development of solutions that will be required for a sustainable, resilient and profitable agriculture sector in a net-zero economy

During your research project

Acknowledging NSERC and SSHRC

You must acknowledge NSERC and/or SSHRC support in any communications or presentations about the research supported by the Sustainable agriculture research initiative.

Reporting progress

You must report regularly on how you use the funds from your grant, the activities you carry out during your funded project and the outcomes of this project. You will be informed of reporting requirements upon receiving your award letter.

Notifying NSERC and SSHRC about changes

Subsequent instalments of your grant depend on (1) a demonstrated need for NSERC/SSHRC funds and (2) adherence to all other conditions specified in the terms and conditions of an award.

You must notify NSERC and SSHRC:

  • if any of your partner organizations no longer actively play a role in the project and support it through in-kind contributions, as committed to in the application
  • if any of your partner organizations leave the project—in this respect, during the entire project, you must have at least one partner organization whose cash contributions would be recognized for cost-sharing, had there been any required

If you and your partner organizations fail to provide requested feedback, your subsequent applications may be denied.

Extension of grants

NSERC and SSHRC automatically provide an extension period of one year for using the grant funds. This extension period allows you to complete your research activities planned for within the specified term of your grant.

What's next?
Apply now


Application deadlines
Preparatory funding: May 8, 2023, by 8:00 pm (ET)
Full project funding: November 8, 2023, by 8:00 pm (ET)

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