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Upcoming Internal Audits over the next three fiscal years

Name of Internal Audit Internal Audit Type Status Expected Completion Date
Audit of NSERC Appeals Process Assurance In Progress December 2013
Audit of the Networks of Centres of Excellence Assurance In Progress March 2014
Audit of Financial Monitoring Assurance Planned* September 2014
Audit of Staffing and Talent Management Assurance Planned* December 2015
Audit of College and Community Innovation (CCI) Program Assurance Planned* March 2015
Audit of Postgraduate Scholarships Programs Assurance Planned* September 2015
Audit of Physical Security Management Assurance Planned* March 2016
Audit of Research Portal / CRM System Assurance Planned* June 2016
Audit of Collaborative Research & Training Experience (CREATE) Program Assurance Planned* September 2016