Program Evaluations


Evaluation of the Canada Research Chairs Program

The Talent Evaluation: an evaluation of the tri-agencies’ support for research training and talent development


Evaluation of the Collaborative Health Research Projects Program


Evaluation of the Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering program

Evaluation of the science and engineering promotion initiative-PromoScience


15th-Year Evaluation of the Research Support Fund Program

Evaluation of the Canada Excellence Research Chairs Program and the Canada 150 Research Chairs Program

Evaluation of the NSERC Discovery Research Program


Evaluation of the College and Community Innovation Program and SSHRC’s Community & College Social Innovation Fund

Evaluation of Research in Strategic Areas: Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects

Evaluation of Commercialization of Research: Idea to Innovation


Evaluation of the Climate Change and Atmospheric Research Initiative

Evaluation of Commercialization of Research : Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research

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