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Production of mealworms for organic poultry feed

Détails de la recherche
Numéro de l'application : 476497-2014
Année de concours : 2014 Année financière : 2014-2015
Nom de la personne : Isman, Murray Institution : University of British Columbia
Département : Land and Food Systems, Faculty of Province : Colombie-Britannique
Montant : 24 100 $ Versement : 1 - 1
Type de programme : Programme de subventions d'engagement partenariat Comité évaluateur : Comité de décision interne pour le Pacifique
Sujet de recherche : Production et reproduction animales Domaine d'application : Production animale et produits animaux primaires
Chercheurs associés : Aucun associé Partenaires : Ofbug Protein Inc.
Sommaire du projet

Protein is an essential component in animal feed, but there are environmental and health concerns about
existing sources. Insects provide alternative protein, as well as other nutrients, in a sustainable and natural way.
Insects are part of a natural diet for foraging farm animals such as chickens, and they can be raised on waste
from other industries such as spent beer grains or vegetable pulp from juice production. Insects need less food
to produce protein, use less space, less water, and make less waste too. The overall goal of this project is to
optimize the production of yellow mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) for use as feed in organic chicken
production. Specific goals are to:
1. test brewery waste, mixed grains and vegetable pulp or combinations thereof, as feedstocks to determine
which promotes the fastest growth of mealworms;
2. test different configurations of trays or other containers to develop the most space efficient method for mass
rearing mealworms, and determine the optimal rearing density of larvae; and
3. measure protein, fat, calcium and iron levels in different larval stages to determine the optimal stage for
Ofbug has already established a baseline mealworm rearing system at their facility in Surrey, BC, and have
developed a small but growing customer base among local organic chicken producers. Mass insect production
for animal feed is a fledgling industry in Canada. Ofbug aspires to be a part of that industrial landscape,
focusing on organic chicken production, but to do so, its' production of mealworms must be viable and
profitable. The project will enhance their ability to scale up and optimize their mealworm production system.