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Résultats des concours de subventions de recherche de 2023 par comité d’évaluation par les pairs

Comité d’évaluation par les pairs interdisciplinaire des trois organismes (Horizons de la découverte)
Nom du candidat Institution Programme Titre Durée Montant accordé
Bozec, Laurent
Faculty of Dentistry
University of Toronto DH Archival Parchments Rejuvenation: Re-engineering native collagen crosslinks for the test of time 5 102 212,00 $
Drake, James
University of Toronto DH Application of robotic tools and virtual fixtures for minimally invasive craniosynostosis 5 75 000,00 $
Duerden, Emma
The University of Western Ontario DH Bright start, grow strong: analytic tools and resources for the study of early adversity and brain developmental trajectories 5 150 911,00 $
Haji Reza, Parsin
Systems Design Engineering/Biomedical Engineering
University of Waterloo DH Next Generation of Surgical Microscopes for Real-time Virtual Histopathology 5 100 000,00 $
Hoare, Todd
Chemical Engineering
McMaster University DH Reprogramming lung macrophages using inhalable immunomodulatory microparticles for the treatment of lung fibrosis 5 100 000,00 $
Holdsworth, David
The University of Western Ontario DH Development of low-cost digital radiography systems for low-resource settings 5 99 842,00 $
Jalbert, Jonathan
Département de mathématiques et génie industriel
École Polytechnique de Montréal DH Improving allocation and supporting clinical decision-making for deceased donor kidney offers 3 75 000,00 $
Laporte, Catherine
Electrical engineering
École de technologie supérieure DH Ultrasound-based longitudinal analysis of the articulatory kinematics of the tongue in second language learning 5 95 010,00 $
McLachlan, Stephane
Environment and Geography
Université du Manitoba DH “Looking outside the cup”: Community-led monitoring of hydro-related impacts on northern environments, cultural keystone indicators, and human wellbeing using both Indigenous and western science. 5 101 100,00 $
Ng, Kelvin Tsun Wai
Environmental Systems Engineering
University of Regina DH Machine learning approach for sustainable clothing and textile waste management: Evidence-based policy and circular economy framework in the fashion industry 5 101 800,00 $
Popp, Jesse
School of Environmental Sciences
University of Guelph DH Weaving Indigenous and Western Knowledge Systems for Wildlife Ecology 5 50 000,00 $
Semeniuk, Christina
Biological Sciences
University of Windsor DH Co-Producing Inuit Knowledge and Scientific Understanding of Seabird-Harvester-Climate Interactions to Support Inuit Food Security 5 92 800,00 $
Shave, Rob
Health and Exercise Sciences
The University of British Columbia DH The impact of social adversity on cardiovascular aging 4 50 000,00 $
Vuckovic, Dajana
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Université Concordia DH Design and validation of blood sampling microdevices for oxylipins and hormone peptides 5 100 000,00 $
Wan, Richard
Civil Engineering
University of Calgary DH A mechanistic computational framework for modelling a pandemic and socio-economic response against new virus variants 5 100 000,00 $
Xie, Wen-Fang
Mechanical, Industrial & Aerospace Engineering
Université Concordia DH An Autonomous Robot for Quantitative UltraSound (ARQUS) Measurements 5 96 110,00 $