Case Files

case #00159 Rivers of Knowledge The River Institute uses the St. Lawrence River as a natural laboratory
case #00660 Sustainable Education Beyond Recycling encourages kids to embrace sustainable living in their communities
case #00923 Coding for Kids! KidsCode Jeunesse provides a fun and easy way for kids to learn basic coding
case #00115 Science for Everyone Visions of Science provides easy access to science education so that every child has a chance to explore and discover
case #00165 Blast Off! H.R. MacMillan Space Centre Boosts Science Curiosity
case #00192 Learning in the Wild Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society explores science in the great outdoors
case #00233 Cybermentor Online mentorship connects girls with successful role models
case #00345 Discovering a Passion for Science and Math Kamskénow program helps Aboriginal students practice new skills
case #00379 Ancient Traditions, Modern Science Clam Gardens Engage Communities in Science Education
case #00391 Infinite Possibilities Ms Infinity provides support to young women in science and engineering
case #00402 Science in the Streets Science Rendezvous brings science and engineering to cities across Canada
case #00450 Action-Packed Learning Live show encourages youth to continue math studies
case #00488 Students Meeting Scientists Workshops bring science to students




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