Terms and conditions of applying for partner organizations

Before you, as the authorized representative of the partner organization, submit information as part of an application to NSERC, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions. Please retain a copy of the agreed terms and conditions for your records.

By submitting information as part of an application to NSERC, as the authorized representative, you certify that:

  • you have received approval from your organization to participate in this proposal and, if applicable, to commit funds and in-kind contributions
  • the information your organization provided in the funding application and related documents is true, complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge
  • your organization agrees with the content of the application and will provide the committed resources
  • your organization will inform NSERC immediately, in writing, of any change that affects the participation or eligibility status of the organization

As the authorized representative of the organization, you also confirm that, should a grant be made:

  • your organization will comply with the terms and conditions of the grant during tenure of the grant
  • your organization will meet financial and reporting requirements specific to the grant or granting program
  • your organization acknowledges and accepts that NSERC reserves the right to defer or cancel a grant or an instalment if the continued need for funds is not demonstrated, if the program objectives and/or eligibility criteria are not being met, or subject to the availability of funds
  • your organization acknowledges and accepts that NSERC may terminate, reduce the amount or duration, or change the terms and conditions of an award in order to comply with Government of Canada laws, regulations, policies or directives, which are subject to change from time to time
  • your organization will inform grant holders of their role, responsibilities and obligations with respect to any research requirements, including laws, regulations, standards or policies in the organization’s jurisdiction
  • your organization is aware of the requirement for grant holders to comply with the relevant provisions of the Tri-agency framework: Responsible conduct of research
  • your organization will take full responsibility for complying with any research requirements in its jurisdiction and will advise NSERC immediately, in writing, of any allegations or findings of breach of any research requirements in the organization by the grant holder
  • your organization will strive to provide an environment that supports the best research and that fosters researchers’ abilities to act honestly, accountably, openly and fairly in the search for knowledge. As best practices, you are referred to the Tri-agency framework: Responsible conduct of research, the Tri-council policy statement: Ethical conduct for research involving humans and the Canadian Council on Animal Care policies, guidelines and recognized standards
  • your organization agrees to the release of the public summary of the award and to the publication of the organization’s name as supporting the project
  • your organization will endeavour to obtain the greatest possible benefit to Canada from the resulting activity and will acknowledge NSERC, CIHR or SSHRC support for the project, as applicable
  • your organization accepts that non-compliance with, or misrepresentation of, any of these matters may result in actions by NSERC, including the disentitlement to participate in this grant and future collaborations funded by NSERC or the other granting agencies

Confirmation of agreement to the terms and conditions of applying

If you have any concerns about your or your organization’s ability to comply with the terms and conditions listed above, contact your organization’s official or NSERC staff responsible for the program immediately. Do not agree to the terms and conditions and do not submit your organization’s information until you are certain that you can and will comply with all of the requirements.

I confirm the truth of all statements made by me in this application, and agree to all the terms, conditions, responsibilities and obligations as set out above.

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