Applied Research Tools and Instruments grants


The deadline for submitting an application is January 16, 2024 before 8:00 pm (ET). If the deadline falls on a weekend or federal holiday, the application must reach NSERC before 8:00 pm (ET) the following working day.

Applications must be submitted through the Convergence Portal. See the Instructions for completing an ARTI grants application for more details.

Colleges are invited to submit a limited number of applications per competition. The maximum allowable applications per college will vary from competition to competition based on a number of factors including budget availability. It is the responsibility of the college to ensure that the number of applications submitted to NSERC does not exceed the permitted limit. For the 2023 ARTI competition, a maximum of three applications can be submitted per college.

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Application deadline
Before 8:00 pm (ET) on January 16, 2024
Maximum of three applications per college

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