Applied Research Tools and Instruments grants


When NSERC receives an ARTI grant application, it first undertakes an administrative assessment to ensure the application is complete and complies with all eligibility requirements. Once the administrative assessment is satisfactorily completed, applications are assigned to a multidisciplinary review committee for the College and Community Innovation program, who will conduct a merit assessment of the application and make a funding recommendation to NSERC.

Evaluation criteria

Applications are evaluated on three evaluation criteria. The proposal must address all of the criteria and sub-criteria below to be considered for funding.

Relevance to applied research at the college (4 points)

  • A demonstrated need for the proposed equipment and evidence that it will increase the college’s capacity for applied research in the area(s) of the proposal
  • The fit of the proposed applied research equipment with the college’s applied research strategic plan and existing infrastructure and equipment
  • The researcher(s)’ relevant experience and demonstrated ability to fully use the proposed equipment
  • The impact on the applied research program of any delay in acquiring the proposed equipment

Partnerships and innovation impacts (3 points)

  • The potential for the proposed equipment to foster, stimulate or enable collaborations with partners from industry, public, not-for-profit and/or health organizations
  • The innovation impact of the proposed equipment on current and potential partner-focused projects
  • The availability and access to similar applied research equipment within the region for the college and partner organizations

Training (3 points)

  • Appropriateness of the equipment training plan to provide college students and other trainees with enriched hands-on applied research training opportunities and marketable skills
  • The quality and extent of training
  • Identification of at least one concrete action in the equipment training plan to promote a diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible training environment

Funding decision

NSERC’s funding decision will take into consideration the evaluation criteria ratings assigned to applications by the review committee and the budget available for ARTI grants. For more information about review process timelines, consult the Application deadlines and notification of decision page.

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Application deadline
Before 8:00 pm (ET) on January 16, 2024
Maximum of three applications per college

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