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Résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d'accélération à la découverte de 2019

Le CRSNG est fier d'annoncer les résultats du concours du Programme de suppléments d'accélération à la découverte (SAD) de 2019.

Le Programme de SAD vise à fournir en temps opportun d'importantes ressources supplémentaires afin d'accélérer le progrès et de maximiser les retombées de programmes de recherche exceptionnels. En 2019 le CRSNG a accordé 15,4 millions de dollars à 129 chercheurs mis en candidature au concours de SAD. Les suppléments sont d'une valeur totale de 120 000 $ et sont versés sur une période de trois ans.

La liste des candidats retenus se trouve ci-dessous :

Programme de suppléments d'accélération à la découverte
Résultats du concours de 2019
Nom Titre de la recherche Université
Adams, Bram Managing Software Build Inflation École Polytechnique de Montréal
Allman, Brian The Neural Basis of Audiovisual Temporal Processing and Perception: From Cortical Networks to Cellular Mechanisms The University of Western Ontario
Al-Mayah, Adil Integration of imaging and mechanics for advanced material characterization and structural repair University of Waterloo
An, Aijun Adaptive Online Mining of Big Data Streams York University
Arvanitaki, Asimina Particle Physics Beyond Colliders University of Waterloo
Baetz, Kristin Can engineering protein subcellular localization protect yeast cells from toxic fermentation inhibitors? University of Ottawa
Baltzer, Jennifer The role of altered resource availability in determining taiga forest response to permafrost thaw Wilfrid Laurier University
Barrett, Rowan Mechanisms of resilience to environmental change in eco-evolutionary systems McGill University
Begon, Mickael Shoulder musculoskeletal modeling: from data-tracking to predictive simulations Université de Montréal
Ben Ayed, Ismail Optimization and learning algorithms for medical image interpretation École de technologie supérieure
Bernier, Pierre-Michel Uncovering the drivers of human sensorimotor learning: EEG oscillatory manifestations of error, repetition and reward processing. Université de Sherbrooke
Blanchette, Isabelle How does higher level cognition affect emotion? Neurophysiological and behavioral investigations Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Bougherara, Habiba Creating the Next Generation of Antimicrobial Hybrid Composites for Biomedical Applications: Manufacturing, Multiscale Modeling, and Mechanical Characterization Ryerson University
Bowman, John Mathematical Methods for Turbulent Flow University of Alberta
Braimah, Abass Blast load effects on the design and response of critical infrastructure Carleton University
Burgner-Kahrs, Jessica Learning the Kinematics of Tubular Continuum Robots: Model-based vs. Data-based Methods University of Toronto
Cabana, Hubert Mycovalorisation des biosolides municipaux et traitement des contaminants d'intérêt émergent: vers le développement d'une solution pérenne Université de Sherbrooke
Cheung, Gene Graph Spectral Imaging: Sampling, Representation and Restoration York University
Chiang, Hsin Illuminating the Dark Universe with Radio Observations McGill University
Coelho, Leandro Optimization of large-scale real-time problems in urban contexts Université Laval
Corradini, Maria Harnessing luminescent techniques to monitor food quality and stability, map food structures, and unravel food interactions University of Guelph
Dacks, Joel Exploring the evolution of the Contractile Vacuole. University of Alberta
Dong, Min Integrated transmission and resource optimization for massive content distribution in future wireless networks University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Dorea, Caetano The functional ecology of on-site sanitation systems University of Victoria
Doxey, Andrew Detecting functional novelty in microbial genomes: discovery and characterization of new metalloprotease and toxin families University of Waterloo
Duchesne, Carl New Latent Variable Methods for selection of raw materials, process monitoring and product quality control Université Laval
Dumont, Dany Physics of seasonal sea ice (PSI) Université du Québec à Rimouski
Duncan, Robin A new enzyme in cardiolipin synthesis University of Waterloo
Dworkin, Seth Understanding Soot Formation from Combustion with Numerical Modelling Ryerson University
Eitzen, Gary Regulation of immune cell vesicular traffic and exocytosis by Rho GTPases University of Alberta
Fast, Naomi The effects of genome size reduction on cellular processes The University of British Columbia
Filleter, Tobin Failure Mechanics of 2D Materials for Advanced Coatings and Composites University of Toronto
Flemming, Joanna Statistical Methods and Computational Tools for Marine Animal Movement, Distribution and Population Size Dalhousie University
Forrest, Jessica Bee ecology and evolution in the context of global change University of Ottawa
Froese, Duane Permafrost archives of northern environmental change and permafrost landsystems of the Mackenzie valley University of Alberta
Ge, Hua High performance building envelope for climate resilient buildings Concordia University
Gharesifard, Bahman Robust Decentralized Control of Large-Scale Networked Systems: Fundamental Limits and Data-Driven Feedbacks Queen's University
Gibbings, Derrick Mechanisms of RNA Packaging into Exosomes University of Ottawa
Goldthorpe, Irene Printable nanowire-based materials for the seamless integration of electronic functionality into textiles University of Waterloo
Goto, Natalie Dynamic processes involved in intramembrane protease activity investigated by solution NMR. University of Ottawa
Guastavino, Catherine Sound in Space: towards a unified theory of auditory localization McGill University
Guenette, Jordan Sex-differences in respiratory sensation and muscle function during conditions of physiological stress The University of British Columbia
Guo, Jin Knowledge Enhanced Software Repository Search McGill University
Haber, Eldad Physics Based Architectures for Deep Neural Networks The University of British Columbia
Haziza, David Robust inference for complex survey data Université de Montréal
Hill, Matthew Endocannabinoid Regulation of Homeostatic Feeding University of Calgary
Hoehn, Logan Classical forms of homogeneity in continuum theory Nipissing University
Howe, Jane Quantitative structural characterization and property measurements of materials by in situ electron microscopy University of Toronto
Hu, Can-Ming Cavity Spintronics: Expanding the horizons for microwave, THz, magnetic, and quantum technologies University of Manitoba
Hurd, Thomas Elucidating in vivo functions of hydrogen peroxide University of Toronto
Jans, Raf Optimization Models and Algorithms for Complex Production Planning Problems HEC Montréal
Kavanagh, Karen Transmission Helium Ion Microscopy Simon Fraser University
Kelouwani, Sousso Optimisation avancée d'un véhicule connecté hybride pile à combustible et batterie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Khomh, Foutse Improving the Quality Assurance of Machine-Learning Software Applications École Polytechnique de Montréal
Kim, Younggy Bioelectrochemistry applications for recovery and production of valuable resources from wastewater and organic waste McMaster University
Lagos, Maureen Structural Effects on the Plasmonic and Phononic Properties of Low Dimension Nanostructures McMaster University
Laliberté, Etienne Fundamental drivers of plant spectral diversity Université de Montréal
Laporte, Catherine Intelligent Ultrasound Imaging École de technologie supérieure
Legault, Claude Experimental-Computational Synergy to Create and Understand New Synthetic Methodologies Université de Sherbrooke
Ling, Charles Reducing Training Data in Deep Learning The University of Western Ontario
Liokumovich, Yevgeniy Minimal surfaces and quantitative topology of the space of cycles University of Toronto
Lowenberger, Carl Untangling the complex molecular interplay in vector-pathogen interactions using bioinformatics, gene silencing, and gene editing. Simon Fraser University
Lu, Xiaonan Formation and resuscitation of viable but non-culturable Campylobacter in agri-food industry The University of British Columbia
Lucyshyn-Wright, Rory Categorical algebra in analysis, geometry, and topology Brandon University
Lundgren, Rylan Synthetic Efficiency via Metal-Catalyzed Reductive and Oxidative Coupling Reactions University of Alberta
Madison, Kirk Quantum materials and quantum sensors with atomic and molecular gases The University of British Columbia
Mariantoni, Matteo Toward a Large-Scale Superconducting Quantum Computer: Error Management and Scalability University of Waterloo
Martel, Richard Electrically and Optically Active Nanostructures and Interfaces Université de Montréal
Martynenko, Oleksiy Intelligent Control of Drying with Machine Vision and Machine Learning Dalhousie University
Menounos, Brian An assessment of recent and past cryospheric change in western Canada University of Northern British Columbia
Merlis, Timothy Radiation-circulation coupling of atmospheric climate changes McGill University
Metz, Gerlinde Critical Periods of Experience-dependent Brain Plasticity: From Early Development to Old Age University of Lethbridge
Molnar, Monika Physiological correlates of monolingual and bilingual cognitive development University of Toronto
Morand-Ferron, Julie Causes and consequences of individual variation in cognition in natural populations University of Ottawa
Morin, Jean-Francois Novel Synthetic Design and Methods for Atomically Precise Nanographenes Université Laval
Murugan, Mathav Random processes and their underlying geometry The University of British Columbia
Narbonne, Patrick Identification and characterization of new factors involved in feedback regulation of stem cell proliferation Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Naumova, Anna Sexual dimorphism in the mammalian epigenome McGill University
Newby, Jay Automated particle tracking and stochastic modeling of molecular motion in submicron living systems University of Alberta
O'Brien, William Quantitative holistic assessment of environmental impacts of teleworking Carleton University
Oruc, Ipek Robust visual recognition of high-level form in human observers The University of British Columbia
Ploeg, Heidi-Lynn Bone Integrity for a Lifetime with Mechanical Loading Queen's University
Postle, Luke Graph Colouring and Local Algorithms University of Waterloo
Proctor, Heather Invertebrates as housekeepers and bodyguards: exploring the ecology of terrestrial and freshwater cleaning and defensive symbioses. University of Alberta
Pudritz, Ralph Connecting clustered star formation with the origin of life. McMaster University
Qi, Zhiming Effect of management practices on hydrology and nutrient losses from a tile-drained field under freeze-thaw conditions McGill University
Qian, Li Fiber-based quantum entanglement technologies University of Toronto
Rahaman, Saifur Advanced Materials and Emerging Technologies for Water Recycling, Reuse and Desalination Concordia University
Rautio, Milla Biogeochemical and ecological consequences of the freeze-melt cycle of freshwater ice Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Rivard, Eric New Paradigms in Main Group Element Assembly and Catalysis University of Alberta
Roksandic, Mirjana At the Crossroads of Europe and Asia: Human evolution in the Central Balkans The University of Winnipeg
Sanità, Laura Efficient algorithms for optimization problems and their interplay with polyhedral combinatorics University of Waterloo
Sauvageau, Dominic Engineering bacteriophages for modified functionality University of Alberta
Schmitz, Taylor Integrating the neural and biochemical basis of attention in humans The University of Western Ontario
Shapiro, B. Jesse The origins of bacterial species and pangenomes in the wild Université de Montréal
Sharlin, Ehud An HRI Framework for Designing AV-Pedestrian Interaction University of Calgary
Siciliano, Steven Quantifying plant-mineral-microbe ecosystem services in the Arctic using Positron Emission Tomography. University of Saskatchewan
Sills, Alison Star Cluster Evolution: Near and Far, Large and Small, Old and Young McMaster University
Simmons, Denina Use of multi-omic approaches to enable non-lethal biological effects monitoring of wild fish University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Smilek, Daniel Understanding the Basic Mechanisms of Attentional Engagement and Disengagement University of Waterloo
Soma, Kiran Glucocorticoids and development of the immune system The University of British Columbia
Spribille, Toby Evolution of organismal composition and architecture in self-assembling fungal symbioses University of Alberta
Stefanakis, Emmanuel HALOS: Mapping Linear Features on Modern Geospatial Reference Frameworks University of Calgary
Storr, Tim New Frontiers in Ligand Design: From Electronic Structure to Novel Properties and Reactivity, to Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry Simon Fraser University
Tank, Suzanne Land-water linkages and the biogeochemical effects of permafrost thaw: From pore waters to watersheds and beyond University of Alberta
Tavakoli Afshari, Seyed Mahdi Advantages of reconfigurable and variable-impedance haptic user interfaces University of Alberta
Tavares, Jason Scalable, versatile surface engineering through photo-initiated chemical vapour deposition École Polytechnique de Montréal
Taylor, Graham Yielding and Exploiting Confidence in Deep Learning University of Guelph
Thériault, Julie Fundamentals of winter precipitation: theory and measurements Université du Québec à Montréal
Trescases, Olivier High-Reliability Fault-Tolerant Gallium Nitride Power Electronic Converters and ICs University of Toronto
Tsai, Scott All-aqueous water-in-water droplet microfluidics Ryerson University
tsimerman, jacob Arithmetic Applications of Definable and Hyperbolic Geometry University of Toronto
Tufenkji, Nathalie Fate and Impacts of Microplastics and Nanoplastics in Terrestrial and Freshwater Environments McGill University
Turculet, Laura Silyl Pincer Transition Metal Complexes for Challenging Bond Activation and Catalysis Dalhousie University
Vamosi, Jana Speciation and extinction risk in the vascular plants of Canada University of Calgary
Vickaryous, Matthew Studies of naturally evolved regeneration University of Guelph
Wang, Ke Privacy Preserving synthesized data releasing via generative adversarial networks Simon Fraser University
Wang, Linbo Causal Inference with Massive and Complex data: High-dimensionality and Network Interference University of Toronto
Whitehead, Shawn Complementary mass spectrometry based detection of gangliosides and other lipids in the brain The University of Western Ontario
Willing, Benjamin The contribution of yeast to gastrointestinal microbial ecology and regulation of host physiology University of Alberta
Wilson, Jonathan The gut to gills of ion regulation Wilfrid Laurier University
Wilson, Siobhan Testing new models for sedimentary mineral behaviour University of Alberta
Wurtele, Hugo Modifications of newly synthesized histones and the cellular response to DNA replication stress Université de Montréal
Xia, Yu Using Structural Systems Biology Modelling to Probe High-Resolution Design Principles of Protein Networks McGill University
Yethiraj, Anand Driven, directed or crowded: dynamics of soft matter near and far from equilibrium Memorial University of Newfoundland
Zajacz, Zoltan Controls on the fertility of magmas for the genesis of associated hydrothermal ore deposits University of Toronto
Zhao, Boxin Biomimetic Smart Functional Materials for Developing Soft Robotic Devices University of Waterloo
Zheng, Rong Enabling Interactive Perception Applications on Edge Devices McMaster University