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Tenuta, Mario
University of Manitoba
soil, agriculture, nutrient stewardship, nitrogen cycling, fertilizers, greenhouse gases, ammonia, nitrous oxide, micrometeorology, 4R practices
Thibault, Simon
Université Laval
Lens design, aberration theory, miniaturized optical imaging systems, space optics, computational imaging, geometrical optics, interferometry, phase imaging, LED illumination, LED deterioration
Thomas, Barb
University of Alberta
Tree improvement, quantitative genetics, conifer, deciduous, genetic gain, elite breeding, selection and testing, realized gain trials, wood quality, adaptability, ecophysiology
Tremaine, Peter R.
University of Guelph
nuclear reactor coolant chemistry, nuclear used fuel repository, chemical thermodynamics, hydrothermal chemistry, heavy water isotope effects, metal oxide solubility, crevice chemistry, conductivity, solution calorimetry, UV-visible and Raman spectroscopy
Tyler, Chris
Seneca College
open source, Linux, Fedora, system-on-a-chip, hyperscale, ARM, green computing
Page 1 / 1 (5 results)



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