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Pandey, Mahesh
University of Waterloo
Life-cycle management, risk analysis, nuclear safety, condition assessment, maintenance optimization, statistical data analysis, stochastic process, solid mechanics, decision theory, extreme value analysis
Parker, Beth
University of Guelph
contamination, bedrock, groundwater, fractures, organic industrial chemicals, dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL), monitoring, rock matrix properties, field studies, borehole logging
Pawliszyn, Janusz
University of Waterloo
Analytical chemistry, sample preparation, extraction, solid phase microextraction, on-site analysis, membrane extraction, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, ion mobility spectrometry, mass spectrometry
Payette, Serge
Université Laval
Tree line, paleohydrology, paleoecology, dendroecology, forest ecology, physical geography pedology, plant ecology, landscape ecology, black spruce
Pelletier, Nathan
The University of British Columbia
Agriculture; food; eggs; sustainability; life cycle assessment; resource efficiency; industrial ecology; green technology; best management practices; sustainable intensification
Pillay, Pragasen
Concordia University
sustainable energy, electrical power, electrical machines, renewable energy, energy efficiency, wind energy, biomass waste to energy
Poncet, Sébastien
Université de Sherbrooke
Fluid mechanics; heat transfer; energy efficiency; refrigeration technologies; storage and transmission of thermal energy; ejector; ice slurry; magnetic refrigeration; CFD; experimental methods
Pop-Iliev, Remon
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
design engineering; innovation; student-centred curriculum; continuous program improvement; training; development; collaboration; promotion; multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary, capstone design projects
Pouliot, Yves
Université Laval
Milk processing methods, eco-efficiency, membrane separation, dairy fluids, milk, whey, milk constituents
Prévost, Michèle
École Polytechnique de Montréal
drinking water, water distribution systems, cyanotoxins, pharmaceutical compounds, water quality, biofilms, lead, oils, legionella, water source protection, corrosion
Protopopova, Alexandra
The University of British Columbia
animal welfare, companion animal, animal behaviour, stress, animal health, human-animal interactions, companion animal husbandry, dog, cat, rabbit
Page 1 / 1 (11 results)



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